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UBA Representative Was Dancing at World Sport Event and Tourism Summit - China







World Sport Event and Tourism Summit (WSET) is a new conference bringing together the brightest minds in the sport, events and tourism industries. It was held successful this year in Yangzhou, China. Jarius "ManofGod" King as UBA's Representative presented a China Event concept, which ended with his 'moves', which brought the summit to a standing room only!







Jarius “ManofGod” King

The UBA is here to help UBA members, throughout the world - to ensure the dance stays and financially benefits those within the scene.King was selected by the UBA Board to represent the UBA at an influential conference in China. His presentation was put together by the UBA and rehearsed with UBA representatives - in order to ensure his 'event pitch' would hit the key points that regional representatives would need in order to select King to build breakin events throughout regions in China. 

If another UBA is need of help, please reach out to us at:

King’s passion for Hip-Hop culture & urban dances’ potential to connect people from various backgrounds led King to eventually become co-director of “Breakin’ The Law: International Festival of Urban Movement.” Breakin’ The Law’s emphasis on community, shared learning, and the impact of Hip-Hop as a connective culture have inspired others to do the event on a global level with qualifiers having been hosted in Hong Kong, Cape town, Panama City, Manila, and various cities in the U.S.A. 

Jarius “ManOfGod” King’s beginnings started as a member of Rhythm Attack (Hong Kong) and Motion Disorderz (Milwaukee). His focus as a serious dancer began in the year 2000 in the art of Breaking (“bboying”).

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