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The dance will grow with or without the voices of the artists. 

Breakin Artists have tried for 50 years to be heard - yet they have been silenced.

Promoters and Sponsors will be joining forces to have a voice.

In order to preserve the breakin communicty and deliver the message of the artists, the UBA needs to be the single loudest voice.

This only happens if you are a member and involved in the shaping of the UBA message and accomplishments.

This is not glamorous work. It will require us to roll up our sleeves and stay focused on the end goals.

The UBA is not about handing out prize money, but if we achieve our goals, the artists will see additional opportunities in the community (like instructor, training, and judging jobs).

We are a professional organization focused on GIVING A VOICE TO the Breakin artists.

The ONLY Global Trade Association Focused on Unifying the Breakin Community

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The UBA is a trade association that serves the breakin artists and community.

Like other trade associations, we focus on putting forth our memberships' voice in places that have traditionally attempted to silence our message.

Like other trade associations, the membership votes in their leadership on a regularly basis, allowing different voices to be heard.

We are the only global organization created by and run by volunteer breakin artists that is NOT associated with a promoter, sponsor, school, teacher, media, judge or producer. This keeps us real and transparent.

Your Voice Will Be Heard as a Member of the UBA

About the UBA

Board Member Rival Has a Message for the Community. 

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