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UBA Created

Summer 2013


History is Made


  • Q: Why should I join the UBA and not another organization in the breakin community?


     A: The UBA is about bringing individual artists and all global breakin organizations together, to have a stronger voice, when needed, to bring ideas from all generations and to ensure all voices have a structure of fairness, to be heard equally (every member has a vote and can run for any committee and a board position).

  • Q: I already belong to another organization?

     A:  The UBA is unique because it is a neutral organization. Sponsors, Promoters, Governments and Producers currently have created their own organizations, but these entities are filled with conflicts. We are not UDEF, Silverback Production Company, R-16, Redbull, the Korean Government, etc...  We are a trade association that is solely run by bboys/bgirls because the UBA board is voted in by the UBA membership.  Anyone can run for a position, everyone has a vote and all have an equal voice.

  • Q: How can I get involved?


     A: The UBA is open to competitive bboy/bgirls and members can participate at all levels as well as run for a Board position, as outlined in the UBA bylaws. Please click here to join. (If you are a non-competitor, please check out the Screen Actor's Guild initiative called The Dancer Alliance, solely for dancer/entertainers.)


  • Q: People want to know what the process and progress is from this point on?

     A:  The UBA has put together a strategic plan for the next 3 years and some of the initiatives focus on youth and college bbboy/bgirls, the development of benefits for the UBA Members, a master calendar system for the Breakin’ community, an arbitration online platform for bboys/bgirls to utilize for disputes, and much more. The UBA needs help on many initiatives and we welcome ‘all hands on deck’ to help us out.

  • Q: What is the UBA’s structure so they may address the community concerns?


     A:  The UBA structure is a trade association, which is run by a board of voted in members. The board members conduct open meetings for the community to be involved and this allows for new issues to come to the attention of the Board.  It is then the Board’s job to prioritize the needs of its members and incorporate them into the strategic plans.


  • Q:  I have joined the UBA and been assigned to a committee. What next?


     A:  The board member that is currently overseeing your committee should reach out to you and engage you on committee activities and calls.  If this has not happen, please contact the UBA and we will reconnect you to the right Board Member.


FAQ on Youth Olympics


  • Q: What are the steps being taken by other leading organizations to preserve the integrity of breakin as it enters into the Olympic Family?


            A: We cannot speak for what other organizations are doing and their mission statement, but the UBA state’s in its mission statement is to preserve the integrity of breakin.

  • Q: Does the breakin community know that the data being collected by the WDSF really care to preserve breakin?


A: We cannot speak for what the WDSF’s intent is to do with the data they are collecting from global organizations that are engaged in breakin, but the UBA believes the WDSF’s efforts in reaching out to outside organizations is a good gesture.


  • Q:  Who will create the rules and regulations for the Youth Olympics?


A: The WDSF is designated by the IOC as the International Federation for dancesport (including breakin) and they are overseeing breakin in the Youth Olymipcs, which include creating the rules and regulations to be utilized in the Youth Olympics.


  • Q:  Who is the UBA working with within the IOC family of organizations?


A:  To date, a UBA representative sits on a WSDF Task Force.  The UBA is a global organization (with global members) and our goal is to work with all National Governing Bodies and the WDSF.  The UBA Board is taking steps to continue the ‘reach out’ the UBA took over 2 years ago to the Olympic Family – in which the Youth Olympics was in-line with the UBA’s focus on the youth.


  • Q:  Why did the UBA approve a non-bboy/bgirl to be the primary person to engage with the local national governing body in the US?


A: The UBA Board works together in making decisions, and the Executive Director carries out such decision.


  • Q: How urgent is it to get things done, in regards to the Breakin in the Youth Olympics.


            A: The UBA has made this a priority but we understand that it will be a marathon, not a sprint, for all organizations involved.  The UBA’s goal is to help and engage so the process can reflect the needs of the bboys/bgirls.

  • Q:  What can I do to help the UBA with the Youth Olympics?


            A:  We urge bboys/bgirls to join the UBA and increase our membership numbers, which will in turn, will increase our leverage on important issues that come up in the future, some of which will be addressed to the WDSF.  The UBA wants to speak on behalf of its members and open up the dialogue for all organizations to engage in a professional manner.

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