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The UBA gains strength every time a new member joins.

We are an all voluntary professional association created and run by Breakin’ Artists that is dedicated to unifying the interests of the Breakin’ Artists.

We are at a critical cross-road and the window of opportunity to be heard is now.

Breakin is globally popular and other larger organizations are moving without the community having a 'seat at the board table'.


This is where the UBA steps in, solidifies the message from the dancers and lobbies to hold a seat at the table.


It is a matter of listening to the community and working together. In one unified voice, we will achieve greatness.


Joining the UBA allows your voice to be heard.


BBou Rival, the UBA board member, interviewed with CBS

June 14, 2017

“Unity and respect. Something that through time we’ve learned are really important,” BBoy Rival said.

UBA Representative Was Dancing at World Sport Event and Tourism Summit - China

June 12, 2017

World Sport Event and Tourism Summit (WSET) is a new conference bringing together the brightest minds in the sport, events and tourism industries. It was held successful this year in Yangzhou, China. Jarius "ManofGod" King as UBA's Representative presented a China Event concept, which ended with his 'moves', which brought the summit to a standing room only!

April 08, 2017

Dear Bboy/Bgirl:

We are excited to announce that the International Federation (IF) for Sport Dance, the WDSF, have announced the rules and regulations and qualifying information for Breakin in the Youth Olympics 2018.

The team selected by the WDSF to RUN breaking in the YOG are those within the breakin community!

The UBA is supportive of this decision because it puts the dance in the hands of those that we know in the community.

March 31, 2017

USA Dance and the UBA take the lead in learning about each other – prior to the 2018 Youth Olympics, where Breakin makes its debut as a sport at the Youth Olympic level. 

March 26, 2017

Mark your calendars for this Sunday. Join us during our Webinar about : Health in The Bboy Bgirl Community.

This webinar will cover some principles of healthy breaking, based on injury prevention strategies that have been researched by expert dance scientists.

If you can spin on your head, windmill with the best of them and do the robot like a, well, machine, then you can now compete for a gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games. On Tuesday, the International Olympic Committee voted to add break dancing to the program slated for 2018 in Buenos Aires.

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